How to shoot multiple camera angles. Part 2: Shooting for the Edit and Editing

In Part 1 I showed how I go about shooting multiple angles in a scene by myself. This post focuses on the details of what shots I’m trying to get when shooting in these conditions and how I make it all work in the edit.

Let’s dive right in and you’ll see my entire process… (the full edit is further below)

Check out the full edit



  • Awesome, and thanks for sharing! What slider are you using?

    • Aviv Vana

      Thanks Rob! The slider in this video is the Kessler Pocket Dolly.

  • WrinkledThought

    Thank you for putting this together. It is always refreshing to have a different perspective to learn from no matter how long one has been pursuing this passion!

    • Aviv Vana

      Thanks WT! I couldn’t agree more.