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Cinematography Tips From a Hollywood Veteran – Bruce Logan ASC

Cinematography Tips From a Hollywood Veteran – Bruce Logan ASC

(Interviews: Part 1 and Part 2 Below)

This is one of those interviews that is an absolute privilege to have on the show and should be required listening to get your diploma here at Big League Film School. Bruce Logan, ASC has done it all and we are all so fortunate for his giving spirit. (If you want to know more about Bruce take a look at this write-up on Zacuto’s site – they did a far better job then I could.)

Bruce must be one of the nicest guys with absolutely no ego – I think he forgets who he is and what he’s accomplished. But that’s good for you and I, because we had such a good time and he shares so many tidbits – some of which I was able to employ on two of my shoots the very same week.

We discuss for over an hour specifics about cinematography skills that he employs, and that we can emulate to see our filming take a nice leap. Bruce breaks down for us some specific shots that were done on the short Panasonic film Genesis which was shot with Philip Bloom.

In Part 1 of our interview (24 Minutes) you will find many golden nuggets packed in tightly, many of which, if you pay close attention, can impact your filming immensely. Ask yourself, “how can I implement some of these concepts next time i’m out shooting?”

In Part 2, Bruce and I discuss a few specific shots in “Genesis”, a Short filmed with Philip Bloom.



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19 Responses to Cinematography Tips From a Hollywood Veteran – Bruce Logan ASC

  1. nice to hear some quality tips from a pro.

  2. Ryan L says:

    Great stuff! Really informative and practical. Such a humble guy.

  3. Von Ware says:

    Luv this site.

  4. Really amazing content. Thanks for sharing, Aviv.

  5. fiftybob says:

    Whoa, thanks Bruce & Aviv, can’t explain how much I loved it. Feels like this session was made for me. I’m on DSLR trying to figure lighting with no formal training. Thanks a lot : )

  6. Brannigan Carter says:

    As a cinematographer in Wilmington, NC, I have always said some of the same things Mr. Logan said. Natural light and soft light is amazing, use it more. And for God’s sake, COLOR CORRECT AND EDIT YOUR OWN WORK!!! This interview was great.

  7. this was fantastic, I’m not DSLR person, but this tips Works for every production you can do. Thanks a lot, love the conversation

  8. Hasan says:

    Hi Aviv,
    Thank you very much for your efforts to bring such great wisdom out there.
    I really appreciate your website!

    May I ask you for something please,
    can you make the videos like interview edits; when someone is talking you can only see him/her.
    because the shot for the person looking at the monitor(the listener) doesnt look so flattering.

    Even if you didnt we still like your videos.

    Kind regards,


    • coachaviv says:

      Hasan, thanks man! I’ll see what I can do. The only problem is the editing time and then I would get less interviews out there for you guys. Plus the resolution on these calls are already quite low so if I go full screen on one person, it would look pretty bad :-)

  9. Jeremiah says:


    I love screening these interviews. I noticed at the end of another interview that you recapped the main points and tips covered during the discussion. Is that going to continue as part of the format?

  10. Grace says:

    I always felt a desire to color my own material. This interview justifies those feelings and from this day forward I am making it part of my DP agreement. Thank you for all the great advice!

  11. Greetings,

    I have read similar comments from cinematographers who consistently produce beautiful images, that is, the notion of striving for a natural look, even imitating nature in some sense, but with artificial lights so as to allow for creative control.

    Wonderful interview. Thanks!

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