Big League CineSummit – CS1

Top Cinematographers Around the World Share Their Knowledge.

Discover the various techniques and tools that the best cinematographers around the world use to achieve stunning images. Imagine being able to apprentice with the folks that are creating the kind of work you would like to create.Big League Cine Summit is your chance to do just that.

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What Will I Learn In Big League Cine Summit?

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Camille Marotte: “Using After Effects For The Film Look”

If you search Camille\’s work on vimeo you are likely to see one head turning video after the other for the past several years now. Camille clearly has a secret sauce for creating beautiful cinematography with amazing detail and color. We\’ll dive into his post production process in After Effects, just one ingredient to his amazing work. You won\’t want to miss this!

Daron Keet: “Mastering the art of lighting actors”

Daron Keet is 2012\’s International Cinematographer Guild\’s 1st Place Winner for Emerging Cinematographer. He has been honing his craft for over 20 years on film sets and is now filming commercials for some of the biggest brands like Nike and McDonalds. In his presentation we will dive deep into the different facets of lighting people and how to achieve the best results with the differing tools available. This 80 minute presentation will give you the foundation to grow your lighting skills by leaps and bounds.

Bruce Logan ASC: “Lighting With The Sun”

Bruce Logan, ASC, has given us some of the most memorable film images of the last two decades. Think of the revelation of the killer ape’s bones on the space ship in 2001: a Space Odyssey. Or Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star in Star Wars. In this awesome presentation Bruce is going to discuss the many factors that can contribute to beautiful images when filming outdoors

Ryan E. Walters: Product Lighting – How to light Reflective and Clear Objects

Ryan E Walters has been the cinematographer on award winning shorts, features and big brand commercials. In this presentation Ryan will breakdown essential lighting knowledge necessary for product lighting, specifically reflective and clear objects.

Art Adams: “Getting The Best Image On Set Using Waveforms”

Art Adams has 25+ years of experience. That should be ample knowledge to help just about anybody! He has shot for Apple, Sony, Canon, Microsoft and the list goes on. In this presentation Art will walk us through how to use a waveform while on set to ensure your getting the best possible image at the time.

Leandro Ferrao: “Shooting WITHOUT Artificial Lights (available light only)”

Leandro Ferrão is one of the youngest members of the Portuguese Image Association (AIP). From short films to documentaries and advertising campaigns he is clearly making his mark and has the attention of the world. If you find yourself filming often in run and gun or documentary style filmmaking then Leandro\’s session is for you. He will take you through elements of shooting in natural light like scouting, what equipment to use, how to predict the sun, how to use the sun to your advantage and a host of other details. This session will put you in a serious advantage on your next project which requires a lot of run and gun filmmaking and shooting in natural settings where often no lights are being used.

Caleb Pike: “The Total DSLR Budget Package”

Caleb Pike at has been bringing the community non stop valuable reviews and finds on gear that can help DSLR cinematographers. Some of his findings can help the budget shooter turn an amateur rig into a professional workhorse. It can get overwhelming with the myriad of options available to us today, so Caleb will be showing us a potential all around rig that can handle all of a shooters needs while ensuring the highest quality results.

Michele Brandstetter: “From Pre to Post Production on a low-budget Slow Motion Shoot”

Michele got his start in fashion photography in Italy and has since moved on to mastering the craft of cinematography. He has had the priveledge of learning under some of Hollywood\’s greatest talents and his work speaks for itself. Michele will be taking us through, pre-production, production and post on a low budget slow motion spot. Expect to learn a lot!

Tom Antos: “High-End Camera Moves On A Budget”

You may know Tom from his tutorials and music videos online. His youtube videos have hundreds of thousands of views and deservedly so. Tom will be walking us through some camera moves that we all can execute on a budget which result in high production value.

Von Ware: “Filming Fast Action Sports”

Von Ware is a natural designer turned video producer. One of his many talents lies behind the camera. His compnay Trilogy Medias have worked with some of the biggest brands and creative agencies. Von will share with us a host of knowledge that will help you in shooting fast action sports.

Ron Dawson: “Defining Your Signature Style”

It\’s one thing to know how to light and compose a shot. But how do you do it in such a way to distinguish a signature a look? A look that says “YOU shot this.” Award-winning video producer, speaker, and instructor Ron Dawson will explore ways in which you can be intentional about setting your work apart.

Michael Gebben: “One Cinematographer And A Same Day Edit”

Michael Gebben is a Steadicam and “Same Day Edit” Guru! In his session you will be able to breathe over his shoulder as you watch him go through a same day edit. You will see what kind of shots he was getting to prepare for the edit and learn some technical elements like basic color grading. The key here is that Same Day Edits can make a cinematographer very popular, very fast! So be sure to check this session out!

I would like to have lifetime access to these sessions for just $147!
Click Here For Lifetime Access!