Big League CineSummit – CS2


Top Cinematographers Around the World Share Their Knowledge.

Discover the various techniques and tools that the best cinematographers around the world use to achieve stunning images. Imagine being able to apprentice with the folks that are creating the kind of work you would like to create. Big League CineSummit is your chance to do just that.

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What Will I Learn In Big League CineSummit?

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David Wright: “Using Lighting & Color For Mood”

If you want to learn how to light with purpose, this is the presentation. Watch and learn how David Wright lights for different seasons, times of the day, and to achieve certain mood . This presentation will be filled with lighting diagrams and explanations on where to place lights to achieve certain effects. Make sure to check it out!

Jordan Cushing: “How To Film A Fight Scene”

Shooting a fight scene can be quite complicated and there are many moving parts and key elements to get right for it’s success. Jordan will be taking us through a cinematographer’s guide to doing it successfully. Jordan will be bringing his 17 years of filmmaking experience to the CineSummit and along the way you’ll pick up tips on how to best use different focal lengths, camera angles, choreography, and much more in your cinematography.

Ryan E. Walters: “Must Have Filters for Beautiful Visuals”

Using the right filters at the right times is a trade secret of cinematographers. If you don’t have a bag full of filters yet, or are wondering what options are out there and how they can enhance your footage in almost every scenario imaginable then you are going to love this presentation. Ryan will be giving us a full overview of your options and what they can do for you – don’t miss out!

Arden Tse: “Achieving Rich, True, Cinematic Blacks”

There are many factors that go into making video look like film. One of those factors is achieving rich, true, cinematic blacks as opposed to muddy and dull blacks. Arden, now apprenticing under one of the greats, Jeff Cronenweth, and an avid shooter on the Red Epic, gives us some of the secrets that are necessary for getting that sought after film look and can take your footage to the next level!

Art Adams: “The Film Look:  How Digital Cameras Can Emulate It”

If you have been aiming to get that film look and you’re just not quite there, Art Adams just might have the missing ingredient for you! In this presentation Art will explain to us one of the main factors that is keeping your video camera from getting Filmic looking footage. Don’t miss out on this because it is sure to help you understand what might be making your footage look like video instead of film.

Peter Szewczyk: “High-End Cinematography & VFX On a Budget”

Peter has worked on VFX for some of the biggest hollywood blockbusters – Avatar, Thor, Harry Potter – and now he has taken the time to bring to us an unbelievable presentation which just might be priceless. Find out Peter’s workflow when creating a VFX piece and discover many key elements that are crucial to a cinematographers knowledge for a successful project. If you miss this one . . . you won’t be a happy camper. Don’t miss out!

Matt Workman: “Beauty Lighting – The Secret to Commercial Beauty”

If you want to discover one of the big secrets on how to achieve that glowing beauty look you always see in commercial cinematography then this presentation is for you. Matt Workman has shot everything from P. Diddy’s music videos to MTV campaigns and Cover Girl commercials. We’ll be covering lighting, gear, lighting setups and a very specific technique used in commercial cinematography for the all important beauty look.

Phillip Briggs: “Creating a Look In Camera Using Gels”

Accurate color and painting with color are two keys to a high-end image. Phillip will take us through how you can infuse a distinctive look to your films using gels to color your lights. This presentation is jam packed with must have techniques and is sure to give you a handful of actionable advice that you can implement immediately. Phillip doesn’t hold back, he lets us know specifically what colors he likes and the effects it gives him!

August Bradley: “How to Create Cinematic & Dramatic Lighting”

August, an accomplished photographer, will be breaking down for us HIS PROCESS on how he achieves dramatic lighting. He’ll break down the step by step process he goes through while detailing the instruments and the techniques that are crucial to achieving powerfully dramatic images. This presentation is bound to help you create a more cinematic image and leave boring lighting behind!


I would like to have lifetime access to these courses for just $147!

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