Interior Lighting and Framing Secrets Revealed – Daron Keet Part 2 of 3

If lighting interiors like hollywood is your thing then part two of my interview with Daron Keet is gonna have your mouth watering.  We cover some lighting techniques and details on how to perfect your framing.

Lot’s of goodies in this one, so let’s jump right into it.

Here’s some of the things to expect:

Indoor lighting and Framing

  • 1:20 What the heck is Juxtaposition and how does it help you shoot like a pro?
  • 4:10 How to develop instincts
  • 10:40 What is in a frame that helps serve the story? Perfecting the frame. 
  • What is a tape ball?
  • 14:20 Some minor adjustments can make all the difference
  • 16:20 Placement of light and using your environment to bounce/reflect light
  • 19:40 What lights were used? Are they expensive? What temperature of lights are best for dark skin tones (Tungsten/Daylight)
  • 21:00 Fresnel or not? and why?
  • 24:30 How lots of lights can work against you.


(Watch part 1 here)

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