Killer Lighting with Gels // CineSummit Highlight

A couple times a month I will be bringing a short highlight of one of the CineSummit presentations which contains a cinematography tip. Each session has so much to learn from that I’m excited to pull out a small fraction of a session for us to focus on.

This week we’ll be revisiting “How to get your “look” on set with gels” from this last 2014 Spring CineSummit. It’s a killer session and this is a piece of the puzzle that can take your work from ordinary to “heck-ya! That’s sweet!”

Super Simple Lighting

The concept is quite simple and has several takeaways that you can put to use immediately. Splashes of color when lighting can make a dramatic effect to your scene. You can separate and highlight certain aspects of a shot this way. You can create a look that you see in movies all the time which you may have assumed required shooting in raw and doing heavy post production. You can turn a boring image into one that pops, just with the use of gels and some targeted lighting.

You don’t need a lot of money to start experimenting with this, so definitely take the time to play around and see how this can boost your images.

Rock on!

*If you enjoyed this clip, you can experience the entire training session here: