Lighting Techniques Broken Down for Gorgeous Commercial with Michele B.

Michele Brandstetter, a cinematographer out of Italy currently living in LA, quoted another top cinematographer, Christopher Probst, saying that  “Your F-stop is proportional to your budget.”

Michele realy didn’t hold back and shared many techniques and lighting setups that he used on a gorgeous commercial he shot. We dug into the idea of making great images with a budget that doesn’t allow for heavy lighting equipment. A low f-stop, will allow tons of light to come into the camera, and though it’s an aesthetic choice as well, for those with no budget to light large areas, a low f-stop will save the day (of course it will come with the challenges of keeping things in focus!).

There’s that and tons more in this episode of Big League Film School.


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  • fiftybob

    Whoa! Massive, all questions I could have thought of, why are you lighting the ceiling? What lights did you use? Why this framing? Thanks a lot Aviv, you’re my new hero : )

    • coachaviv

      Right back at you Bob!