Ryan E. Walters Part 2 – Lighting With Gaffers, the C100 and Camera Choices

In Part 1 of my interview with Ryan Walters, we discussed lighting and framing on a budget – and getting the results you want on a serious time crunch! Ryan worked on the 48 hour film festival where the film he worked on won 1st place and he won best cinematography. Now this is no small feet considering the 48 hour aspect of it all.

Within that time his team would have to write, shoot and edit a short film. 2 days! From concept to creation. Needless to say I had a lot of questions. In Part 2, I ask Ryan how he was able to know how he wanted to light the scenes, did he have to figure it out on the spot, what equipment to bring, did he work with a gaffer and more. We dive into the roles of a cinematographer and a gaffer and how the two work together.

I think you will find a few surprises in this one, like just how much does Ryan, and cinematographers in general, rely on a gaffer for their lighting needs. (continue to the second video below to here Ryan’s thoughts on Cameras and what would be his camera of choice today).

Let’s dive in!




For more on Ryan and his awesome cinematography knowledge: www.ryanewalters.com

Are you lighting on your own or with a Gaffer?

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