How this Commercial DP Taught himself Cinematography – Interview with Matt Workman DP

The awesome DoP that is Matt Workman, methodically taught himself to become a top cinematographer. He wanted to film music videos and found himself shooting P. Diddy’s hits. Then he moved on to commercial cinematography where he currently shoots for brands like BMW. Need I say more?

Cinematography Lighting

Matt kept it simple. He watched and learned from the best, connected with them and added in a ton of experimentation until he learned to light for the looks he loved! Watch the below interview where he discusses how he made his progression as a cinematographer.

In the end of the interview we discuss a VERY important aspect about hooking up with Directors which could really help propel a person to work on amazing projects.

Presenting at the CineSummit

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Tweet: Want to see how this Commercial DP taught himself to be a Cinematographer? Check out this interview!Want to see how this Commercial DP taught himself to be a Cinematographer? Check out this interview!
Matt’s Website: (Be sure to check out Matt’s blog for lots of useful information!)


Are You Doing What Matt Has Done To Become Great?
What Tricks Do You Have Up Your Sleeves For Learning Cinematography?


  • I’m a writer and I love to do that, I started at the age of eight. Then I became Ghost writer in my twenties since then I wrote some very good books that won prizes. Three years ago I decided do more and I opened my own filming company Street Films3000. I started doing some shorts but I found very bad videographers that told me they knew what they were doing, so now I’m using my own camera and doing my shoots but I notice that I’m still need the touch for having a better quality or impress with some beautiful takes. I have amazing scripts, probably sounds bad that I say it but it is true. However,to put them into a movie I need to discover the best way to have better shoots.

    • Aviv Vana

      Keep at it and you’ll get there. In the end, it’s a combination of learning and practicing.

  • Hi Aviv, The link to the three tips on top of this page (email submission) is ‘Inactive’… just thought to let you know in case you didn’t.

    • coachaviv

      Thanks Mark! Drop a line here and let us know how it went 🙂

  • Great idea about the visual library. I have heard it before from different creatives like graphic designers and so on. Finaly it is time I set up my own visual catalogue. BTW nice page Aviv, hope it is going to build up nicely! I’ll definitely check it out regularly. All the best.

    • Aviv Vana

      Thanks Emil. Yes, I think the visual library concept is one that all filmmakers must get in the habit of doing.