Winner of Emerging Cinematographer 2012 – Daron Keet Part 1

I think everybody who picks up a camera would love to one day work on projects that are seen at the superbowl or work on commercials for top brands like Disney and Toyota. Well my guest today, Daron Keet (website and reel), has done just that and more.

Imagine the crew, the sets, the locations and even the wonderful productions toys you would get to play with on such shoots! I can only imagine how much I would learn if I could be a fly on the wall on some of these sets. I had the good fortune to spend a week with Daron, and boy did I soak up a whole lot of knowledge. Click continue reading to watch the interview —> 

WATCH PART 1 OF 3 BELOW: Location, budgets, & in Camera vs Post

I had loads of questions and we dig into it from all kinds of angles. I drilled him in our interview for as much info as I could so we all can take our filming to the next level.

Topics covered:

  • How to “hook” the viewer (3:30)
  • The importance of getting everyone “on-board” (7:15)
  • What makes a good location? (10:00)
  • How scripted is the day on a commercial shoot? (16:30)
  • How big does your budget need to be? (20:00)
  • In camera look vs coloring in post? are DSLR’s good enough? how much do lenses help create a look? (21:45)
  • Why focus on getting a look in camera instead of in post? (25:40)


WATCH “Fair Trade” – 30 second Gatorade commercial discussed in interview

Below is the gatorade spot that we discussed (we discussed many spots) in it’s entirety  just below.

“Fair Trade” – Gatorade Spot filmed by Daron Keet


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